Water Rights, Acquisitions and Transfers

Perhaps nothing is more important to our Texas municipal and special district
clients than water and it continues to pervade every aspect of land use and
development.  Each city and special district is challenged to ensure
adequate water supplies and is being called upon to assist with water
conservation.  Water rights are critical in every land deal.  Groundwater
conservation districts are tasked with working with those who have water
wells to ensure proper drilling, maintenance and capping occurs and that
groundwater supplies are not depleted.  Priority Groundwater Management
Areas have their areas of control and often impact municipalities as well.  

All of these play into the maze that is water in Texas and the attorneys with
Knight & Partners are experienced and well suited to assist in these critical
areas.   Our experience will assist in day-to-day issues that municipalities may
face, including Certificates of Convenience and Necessity (for both water
and wastewater), permitting, and regulatory oversight from Texas Commission
on Environmental Quality and Texas Water Development Board, as well as
the not so common administrative hearings when challenges occur.