Zoning and Land Use
The Knight Law Firm, LLP specializes in representing local government units
such as cities, villages and special districts and is experienced in all aspects
of zoning and land use law. Having worked with Texas cities and towns for
over forty  years, we have the insight and experience to know what works
from both the private and public perspective, how to address difficult land
use issues and what it takes to successfully address planning and zoning use
issues.  We are able to assist with interpretations on zoning requirements,
variances, and special use permits and find creative solutions to enable
projects to move forward.  

Your legislative and/or regulatory functions may be challenged.  These
challenges may be to the zoning ordinance itself or a specific decision or
denial of a variance or permit.  

We often provide advice on federal and state laws that impact land use,
Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), the Texas Religious Freedom
Restoration Act (TRFRA), the Fair Housing Act, the Americans with Disabilities
Act and the Telecommunications Act. We regularly address challenges
created by sexually-oriented businesses, appeals of exactions and
dedications, variances, protected development rights, design review,
telecommunications facilities and group homes.

Our zoning and land use attorneys lecture at seminars and annual meetings
of various organizations.