Whether our governmental clients face environmental issues in advocacy,
litigation, or lawmaking, the environmental law practice of
The Knight Law
Firm, LLP
is prepared to provide effective representation.  We have the
experience, knowledge, and commitment necessary to successfully address
complex environmental issues. Environmental law is a complex mosaic of
common laws, statutes, regulations and administrative guidance on the
federal, state and local level. Successful resolution of environmental matters
hinges on an accurate analysis of the issues, followed by a proper and
specific strategic response. The complexity of environmental law prevents a
“template” approach, and our attorneys are adept at sorting through the
maze of environmental regulation to address each unique situation.

There are few areas of the law that are not affected by environment
regulation and risk management. Due to the diversity required to handle
environmental law matters, our attorneys have significant experience in
other areas, such as corporate law, civil litigation, administrative law,
criminal litigation and real estate law. Such experience is key to
understanding and addressing the far-reaching impact of environmental
issues and how they interact with other areas of the law.