Constitutional and Civil Rights

Unlike the private sector, governmental employers are subject to due process
requirements and many cases against municipalities involve due process or
other constitutional claims.  We are well-versed in the notice of claim
requirements and governmental immunities, two of the many things that are
unique to this practice area.   

Many of the claims against cities and towns involve police officers and stem
from allegations of how the search was conducted, arrests without sufficient
probable cause, or use of excessive force. Another theory often used under
the civil rights umbrella is a lack of adequate due process. There are
challenges to regulatory decisions made by municipal boards. Another
common claim is an allegation of a violation of equal protection.

The Knight Law Firm, LLP has successfully defended local governmental
entities against a broad spectrum of alleged violations of civil rights,
constitutional rights and rights created by state law. Our attorneys have
extensive experience in defending the kinds of claims frequently brought
against government entities, including claims brought by members of the
press, allegations of retaliation for exercising one’s First Amendment rights,
and cases involving libel and slander.  Their technical skill and success have
earned them a reputation for aggressive, effective defense of such claims.